The Ford Edsel

All the reasons why the Ford Edsel failed has been well-written about: The toilet bowl shaped front grill, the silly gear shifting mechanism on the steering wheel, its confusing marketing that competed with its sister brand Mercury cars and even its dubious name "Edsel", named after Henry Ford's son.

However, I know many classic car collector who would love to have a Ford Edsel! This is my tribute page dedicated to this unique car. Yet, even though you might laugh at some of the Edsel videos (especially the commercials) below, you've got to admit this is an amazing classic car today!

Ford Edsel Commericals

Adjacent are two Ford Edsel commercials when the car was first introduced to the public.

Regarding the top video, there are a few spots where I can't watch it without laughing hard. Okay, maybe the teletouch drive electric shift was a nice try, but that is the stupidest speedometer design I've ever seen! The one dial that determines heat, AC and ventilation probably broke with regular use within short time.

"You'll meet a fine business man with broad automobile experience." Ha ha ha ha!

A short article about the 1957 Ford Edsel - http://www.fiftiesweb.com/pop/edsel.htm
A beautiful black and red 1958 Edsel at a Florida car show.

The front nose and the nerdy double beedy eyes. No wonder the car flopped.
The 1959 model's ugly nose was reduced, but it still looked like a clunker of a nose.

I found this amazing red and white 1959 Ford Edsel station wagon online. Ahhhh ... it's always better in a station wagon!

Among the four years the Ford Edsel was made, I think I like the 1960 Ford Edsel the most.

Sleak fins that lined all the way to the front of the car. At first glance, the body doesn't look much different from a Ford Starliner.

The ins and outs of a sharp gold 1960 Ford Edsel.
"The Five Worst Cars Ever Made" - The Ford Edsel is mentioned last. Skip ahead to 4:40 to go right to it.

The Ford Edsel ... lumped with the Pontiac Aztec, the Yugo, the Chevrolet Chevette and the AMC Pacer as the worst cars!

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