2010 Car Snow In Buena Vista, Colorado

A Listing Of The Best Classic Cars At The Show

The car show in Buena Vista, Colorado happens annually near the Fourth of July. It is an open car show for any type of vehicle. Antiques, classic cars and muscle cars are common. Some bring their "souped-up" hot rods, while others bring their 2005 Ford Mustangs (for reasons unknown to me).

As you can see, I am an appreciator of older cars that owners keep as close as possible to their original style. Also, enjoy classic car photos from the 2008 car show.

Photo Galleries
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1931 Chevrolet - Owned by a local in Nathrop.
1934 Plymouth - Sleek black Terraplane model.
1934 Terraplane - Beautiful horns in the front.
1940 Chevrolet Truck - A pick-up truck with character.
1940 Ford - Beautiful two tone.
1941 Chevrolet - Attractive birch orange color.
1941 Ford Truck - A Ford classic.
1955 Ford Crown Victoria - Beautiful interior and stainless steel across top.
1957 Oldsmobile - On my short list for the best car of the show.
1959 Cadillac - The only Cadillac in the show.
1962 Ford Thunderbird - A wonderful classic car with a charming light blue.
1963 Ford Galaxie - Sharp and sporty bright red 1963 Ford Galaxie.
1968 Chevrolet Camaro - A sports car begging for a hard drive.
1980 Chevrolet Camaro - Olive green doesn't look bad.


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