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1987 Cadillac Limousine

1987 Cadillac Limousine February 2012 - My fantasy football league had its annual winter meetings in Phoenix, Arizona. On my first day, I enjoyed the luxury of transportation via a white 1987 Cadillac limousine. I could go anywhere I wanted throughout the city!
1987 Cadillac Limousine The rear deck, bumper and head lights.

The interesting thing about Cadillacs is how well they age. This vehicle is 25 years old, and yet compared to other models of that year, its design doesn't seem that old.

1987 Cadillac Limousine A photo of myself with my driver, Mike.

As crazy as this sounds, the first place we visited was a Cadillac junkyard as seen behind us in the photo. AA National is located southwest of downtown Phoenix, and much of their junkyard specializes in Cadillac parts of older models. If you live in the Southwest and enjoy restoring old Cadillac cars, you probably know about this place.

1987 Cadillac Limousine

The long passenger side of the limousine.
Armbruster Stageway Now let me clarify something. Cadillac made a brand of limousine that had a larger window in the middle with seats that faced backward. They were intended to be for more festive occasions.

This vehicle, I'm told, is sometimes termed a "funeral coach". A company based in Arkansas named Armbruster Stageway company broke up the car and added an extra layer of back seating. Consider it a lengthened sedan that was used by a Phoenix funeral home for transporting people at funerals. Now a "funeral coach" should not be confused with a hearse. A hearse has the large back end that carries the body of the deceased.

Interior The interior was in such good shape. Only 52K original miles.

Limousine Driver A nice shot of Mike. He was a great limousine driver and went everywhere I asked except for one place ... the Dunkin Donuts drive thru. He didn't think the Cadillac would fit in a tight lane. I understood.
1987 Cadillac Limousine We had lunch at the Volcano Chinese Buffet on N. Dobson in Mesa, AZ. Afterward, I got a photo of myself with Mike and his wife. What a beautiful Cadillac vehicle!


Walking around the limousine.

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