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1975 Ford Maverick Coupe For Sale

This 1975 silver Ford Maverick coupe is for sale and is located in Salida, Colorado. According to the sign, it has 30K miles since a full re-build. There was no asking price listed. Contact information: (719) 239-1823.

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1975 Ford Maverick

1975 Ford Maverick

1975 Ford Maverick

I walked all around the vehicle and did not see any rust. The body is in very good condition.

The coat of paint looked looked to be of good quality and recently done, although silver/gray seemed to be a dull color for such a fun 1970's Ford classic.

1975 Ford Maverick The back end, bumper and tail lights looked in very good shape as well.

Now I do not want to be a kill joy to Ford Maverick lovers who may read this, but I find the particular back end style (on the left) to be less desirable than the sportier end on Mavericks as seen below. Notice the thinner bumper and more rounded end. The Maverick for sale has a larger and heavier-looking bumper that steals some of the fun personality of these Mavericks.

1975 Ford Maverick

1975 Ford Maverick

Two pictures of each of the sides. The car has wheel covers that went with this model.
Steering Wheel The owner was not present, and so I could not open the doors to get a good look at the inside.

Here's a shot of the steering wheel and dashboard area through the window.

Interior Back Seats The original interior appears to be a royal blue. I have no idea if silver/gray is the original color on the outside.

The front seats clearly had new upholstery that was a darker blue. If you are a stickler for having everything original, be advised of this.

The back seats appear to be original and looked great.

For Sale Contact information in the adjacent photo.

Overall, there is no doubt this 1975 Ford Maverick has received a lot of care.


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