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1974 Pinzgauer

1974 Pinzgauer My friends took me for a drive in their 1974 Pinzgauer in the streets of Tempe, Arizona. It is an amazing vehicle!

I know most people want this kind of vehicle to enjoy their 4-wheel-drive adventures, but personally, I would love to slowly drive across the country in it!

1974 Pinzgauer Pulled over on the side of the road, I snapped numerous photos of it. The bumper, head lights and front grill.
1974 Pinzgauer

See the horizontal bar above the wheels? The inner mechanics of the Pinzgauer were raised so much that one could drive in water ... and one would be fine to continue only until the water went above that line.

Also, notice the circular cover above the passenger side seat. That was an opening for a soldier to stand out of.

1974 Pinzgauer The passenger side.
1974 Pinzgauer By the way, this vehicle was part of the Swiss Army in the 1970s. It was used as a radio command vehicle.
1974 Pinzgauer Another shot of this beauty. And since this topic often comes up on Classic Old Cars, I'll answer the question now ...

This Pinzgauer is not for sale.

But if my friends ever decide to part with it, I will surely update this page. :)

1974 Pinzgauer The steering wheel and dashboard.


Walking around the Pinzgauer as it runs on 8th Avenue in Tempe, Arizona.

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