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1974 Checker Marathon

1974 Checker Marathon
I've learned the secret to happiness for classic car lovers without money. If you can't afford your own automotive toys, have friends who do! Okay seriously, in the above photo is myself (left) with my friend Mike and his 1974 Checker Marathon. It was bought my the father of Mike's wife and used as a family car for many years. This silver Checker has remained in the family and today I got a ride in it. Enjoy the photos below!

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1974 Checker Marathon

1974 Checker Marathon

Yes, the Checker was largely used as the top model for taxis, but one could buy an ordinary checker in colors other than bright yellow.

The Checker model was produced from 1958 to 1982, with nearly the same body. A little odd, but that's what they did.

1974 Checker Marathon

The passenger side.

Headlights The front head lights.
1974 Checker Marathon

1974 Checker Marathon

The back side.

Tail Lights

The tail lights.

Really folks, if you're acquainted with Checkers from the late 1960s all the way to 1982, the head lights and tail lights did not change!

Ornament on the hood.


Black 1974 Checker.

Was for sale, but has since sold.

My walk around of Mike's Checker.

A 1982 Checker Marathon Taxi.

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