1971 Mercury Cougar - Red Convertible Coupe

1971 was the year I was born, and interestingly, it was nearing the end of the amazing muscle car era.

Below are photos I snapped of an impressive bright red convertible coupe.

1971 Mercury Cougar
What a sharp deep red this color is.
1971 Mercury Cougar
The front headlights, grill and bumper.

1971 Mercury Cougar Convertible
The driver side.
1971 Mercury Cougar Interior
A closer view of the dashboard, steering wheel and interior.

1971 Mercury Cougar
The tail lights always had an intimidating look to me that screamed "muscle car." I am curious however, about what the designers were thinking. If this car gets hit from behind, the tail lights will surely be damaged as well.
Sizzling wheels!

1971 Mercury Cougar Road Test


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