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1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III

A friend owns a white 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III coupe, and after a hard day of work, I asked if I could check out his car ... a form of "classic car therapy" to get my mind off things. The four photos below are the ones I took from my visit.

1970 Lincoln Continental Unfortunately, the lighting was poor to snap decent pictures. Although white does the best job of not fading, it is a harsh color when the sun is shining in broad daylight.

Adjacent is a shot of the tail lights, rear bumper and trunk.

1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III The owner does have all of the wheel covers, and all in all, this car is in good shape. It runs well.
Steering Wheel

Leather Interior

The burgundy red leather interior is wonderful, and in fact, there is still a leather smell inside. I was also impressed with the dashboard design.

I've always been an old Cadillac person (I owned a 1964 Cadillac.) However, if I was a wealthy man seeking to buy a luxury car back in the day, I would be torn over whether to buy a Cadillac or Lincoln.

In the future, my friend has agreed to take me for a ride in this '70 Lincoln, and I look forward to updating this page with much better pictures and a walk-around video.

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