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1969 Lincoln Continental Sedan

June 2013 - My friend recently bought a 1969 Lincoln Continental and I had to show off this beautiful old car. :) 1969 Lincoln Continental
It definitely needs some TLC.

Practically rust free thanks to Colorado's arid enviroment.
1969 Lincoln Continental
Me and Mike beside the Lincoln.

The rear.
1969 Lincoln Continental Suidice Doors
The last year the sedan had suicide doors.

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1969 Lincoln Continental Sedan

Older Photos

June 2012 - My sincere apology if you've landed on this page in search of beautiful, restored and/or original 1969 Lincoln Continentals in good condition.

On this page are photos of a gold sedan that has seen better days; it has sat in a neighbor's backyard for many years.

1969 Lincoln Continental My friend who is obsessed with buying, selling and restoring old classic cars inquired about this vehicle with the owner. As of now, he is willing to sell it, but they have not closed the deal. I have no information about the car's running condition (if it does) and history of the car.
1969 Lincoln Continental Love those suicide doors. 1969 was the last year that Lincoln offered suicide doors on its models.
Rear Bumper

The rear and bumper.
Front Seats The beige leather front seats.
Steering Wheel The steering wheel and instrument panel.
Tail Lights The tail lights and chrome lining. The scripted "Continental" on the side is classy.


A much nicer black sedan on YouTube.

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