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1966 Oldsmobile Starfire

The 1966 Oldsmobile Starfire was the final year of its initial six year run. The Starfire did come back in 1975, but by then it was a compact car with a few tacky attempts to make it sporty. The Starfires from 1975-1980 were a far cry from these beauties.

The Starfire overlapped for one year with the new Oldsmobile Tornado model. No doubt, the emergence of this new and exciting muscle car had to have played a role in the Starfire's downfall.

Photo by Car Gurus

The back end had a large and bulky look similar to the 1965 Starfire and the body styles of the day.

Photo by Automotive Mileposts
The 1966 Starfire did not have an option for a convertible ... only hard top coupes.

Photo by Concept Carz

Two great photos of a beautiful teal Starfire. Beautiful!

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    I couldn't find any decent 1966 Oldsmobile Starfire videos, but above is a nice tribute to all Oldsmobiles from 1965-1974. Great music!

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