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1961 Oldsmobile Starfire

The first stage of the Oldsmobile Starfire model only lasted from 1961-1966, and it was aimed to be a luxury vehicle with many features, including leather bucket seats, an attractive console, new features on the dashboard and a convertible option. Upon seeing the original interior and features of a well-kept 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire in original condition, I certainly was enamored with the luxurious feel of this classic car.

Although I've never seen a '61 Olds Starfire in person, I wanted to make a tribute to this great old car. It's body shape is very sleak, and perhaps because they are so rare, the classic car collector in me desires/lusts/covets one of these beauties.

Below are photos of the 1961 Oldsmobile Starfire from other websites. All credit with links are given to the owners of these images.

Photo by Mister W dot com.
Love the stylish tail lights, bumper and "upside tail fin" pointing out that is similar to the 1961 Cadillac.

Photo by How Stuff Works
Sporty, handsome and with a dash of sophistication.

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  • Photo by McClellans Automotive
    McClelland Automotive is selling an original brochure for $30.


    A beautiful red 1961 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible in excellent condition.

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