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1960 Buick Electra 225

1960 Buick

June 2011 - This is my friend's 1960 Buick Electra 225 sedan, a very rare car to see on the road or even among collectors. Have you ever seen a '60 Buick at a classic car show? I've asked this question to a few, and all of them have said "no."

1960 Buick

Another photo of the bumper, trunk and tail lights. The diagonal fins gave it a distinct and sleek design.

1960 Buick Electra

The original color of this Electra is white. At some point, a bad dent was made in the hood, and it was replaced with a hood that was originally a light blue color.

1960 Buick Electra

A closer view of the head lights and front grill.

1960 Buick Tail Lights

The circular tail lights.

1960 Buick Electra

This beautiful classic car with the backdrop of Mount Princeton in Colorado.

1960 Buick Steering Wheel

By the way, this car runs quite nicely. However, the interior has a lot of work to be done.

1960 Buick Door

The inside of the door is in good shape though.

1960 Buick Electra

This classic car is prime for a restoration project! What a beauty.

Walking around the car and talking about it.

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