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1940 Buick Limousine

1940 Buick Limousine Now this is no ordinary 1940 Buick ... this is a 1940 Buick limousine!

1940 Buick Limousine Generally speaking, I must confess I'm not that enthralled by cars made in the 1940s, but this one was special.
1940 Buick Limousine

1940 Buick Limousine

Two shots of the back side, bumper and tail lights.
1940 Buick Limousine The passenger side. Beautiful white wall tires.
Buick Eight Not sure what "Buick Eight" means, but it was quite an emblem on the back of the car.
1940 Buick Limousine The back seat inside the limousine.

One observation: The interior had a scent similar to some of the rooms in my paternal grandmother's house. It smelled like one of the fabrics that was probably commonly used during the 1940s. This brought back memories of my grandmother when I visited her house as a kid.

1940 Buick Limousine A window seperating the driver and guests.

Just a classy car!

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