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1924 Buick

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1924 Buick

1924 Buick

Love this all original 1924 Buick!
The black paint with red wheels.
The charming hood ornament.
The classic headlights.

And it's a Buick too. Granted, this is a far cry from the 1973 Buick Century my father owned, but this was a higher-end vehicle back in the day.

1924 Buick Headlights Handsome front end.
1924 Buick Hood Ornament A close-up photo of the hood ornament.
1924 Buick

1924 Buick

The driver side and passenger side.

Sure, by 1924, automobiles had been made for over 20 years, but they still looked like horse and buggies that just so happened to have an engine in front. :)

1924 Buick Back side and spare tire.
1924 Buick Steering Wheel Absolutely love the originality of the dashboard and steering wheel.

No tacky hot rodding of this car!

1924 Buick

1924 Buick

Attractive black seats.

Ahhh, to have this car for leisure Sunday drives with friends in the country! :)


My walk around the car.

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